About us

Who we are

Since 1985, Laminate Technologies has been determined not only to meet but to surpass customer expectations. Stable and reliable, we are a proven resource for all of your laminating needs. With facilities in Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and now our new facility in Virginia, each manned by a skilled and dedicated workforce, we’ve grown as more customers have turned to us for solutions to their laminating and fabricating requirements.

Our corporate offices are located at our Tiffin, Ohio manufacturing facility with five additional manufacturing plants located in Ridgeway, Virginia; Gallatin, Tennessee; Diboll, Texas; Spokane, Washington; and White City, Oregon. In addition to these domestic operations LamTech has expanded with the help of international partners and global associates to offer products through its direct import division bringing additional value to our customers.


From our earliest beginnings in Tiffin, Ohio, LamTech has operated with a value set instilled into its core from that individual ownership. We believe in adhering to high moral principles and professional standards. We are passionate in what we do, absolutely committed to being the best at delivering value to our customers. We are a company that conforms to the standards of skill, competence and character that is expected of a professionally run company. At LamTech responsiveness is our norm. We react quickly and flexibly in order to provide the highest levels of service deserving of our customers and competitive pricing.